10 Day Pageant Grooming Workshop

Appearing for a Beauty Pageant could be quite a challenge, especially when you are competing with equally talented people for the same title. 

10 Day course

What does the course cover

Communication skills

How to face the personal Interview

Formation of apt introduction

How to be brief and specific

Vocal and verbal skills - Accurate pronunciation and enunciation of words, Speaking skills

Connecting with fellow participants and the jury

Handling the mic effortlessly

Fitness and diet

Dietetics and nutrition basics

Exercise for the right proportion of body

Portfolio shoot styling

Modelling q and a

Introduction to Poses

Techniques of modelling and the right body language for modelling

Mock photoshoot 

Makeup and grooming

Self application of

Day look

Night Look

Party look

Introduction to hairstyle

Basics of hair style

Styling tips

Products for styling

Beauty and skin care secrets

Dining etiquette and mannerisms

Eating styles (U.S, U.K and Asia)

Table setting

Fork and spoon etiquette

Napkin etiquette

Service etiquette

Social Graces

Social etiquette

Personal hygiene

Power dressing and levels of dressing

Personal styling for your body type

Footwear tips

Neckline styling

Colour clinics that suit your personality

Accessorizing for your unique face shape

Personal image analytics

Portfolio shoot (3 pictures)


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In our 10 Day Course, we bring to you all the elements for you to face this contest without any fear

Disha Caroline Mary

Certified Image Consultant.  I’m excited to help you with whatever challenges you have to throw at me.


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